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I build stores and test them through various marketing strategies and our social marketing system to make sure they're profitable. This saves you from wasting weeks worth of time on market/niche research, finding products, building a store, designing a logo, automating order fulfillment, building social media accounts, etc.

If you have ever wanted to try out drop-shipping with Shopify, this is your chance! This website has all the necessary tools built in for your success and all the hard work is all done for you and comes with a ready made active Instagram account @outdoor_prime_fashion and we're offering 2 FREE Months of marketing services to help you get started.

Anyone from beginners to expert can jump right into this and run this type of business with a couple hours of work per week (if that). All orders and order fulfillment is mostly automated using the Oberlo app and Shopify Payments (via Stripe) transfers profits every 24-48 hours. Other options including PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay are also available.

Short pitch
226/240 is a pre-built jewelry drop-shipping store with populated product catalog, 10+ pre-configured plugins including abandoned cart campaigns, automated drop-shipping with Oberlo, Pust Notification app and more.
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The logo PNG file will be given to the new owner upon purchase.
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What and how it will be transferred?
Product photos will be transferred along with the website.
Personal support after sale
Please select if you’ll be able to provide any trainings/ explanation to the new owner. Please make sure that you'll fulfill your obligations.

What will you provide and for how long?
Included with the sale of this website we're offering 2 free months of social media marketing services on Instagram and Twitter to grow your following and generate sales to get you started. We'll target followers of similar accounts and engage with their accounts to attract them to yours.


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New owners are in a great position to keep adding to the product catalog, continue to grow the Instagram and other social media profiles, run targeted ads through Facebook/Instagram and keep growing this store into a brand.

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