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here we go again white police doing their jobs (virginia)

This will continue, as long as they can bring suits against white police officers and get money...
As you can see on the video, the smart mother fucker had no intentions of getting out of the vehicle on his own. He, thought since he was in the military as he say's "I am fighting for this country and this is how you treat me" he thought he was above the law and to good to get out, and he should be let go. He knew his words were being recorded, so he carefully picked the right words and body actions to help him press charges against the white officers, when it went viral. Expecting another big burning cities, stores, vehicles, monuments, this behavior is not normal, but it is to them.
It smells like a set-up, planned. He just kept sitting there, running his mouth, he wanted the police to physically get him out, so he could file charges, so he can retire. " I was scared" he say's, my ass, the officers could have done the same to him in or out of the vehicle. Think he tells the enemy he's fighting in a battle I 'am scared, and stay's in the fox hole. How about his commanding officer, think he tells him I 'am scared. If you or I refuse to get out of our vehicles, we can expect the police to do the same and more it is the law.
In my opinion this male is a sorry excuse for a man, an embarrassment to his unit, family, children reading the arrest, and the rest of the world, and should be dishonorably discharged, this country's military doesn't need gold diggers.
Who do you think you are???
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